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The Spice GST Solution

Our Solution Advantages

  Suitable for CAs, TRPs, business and enterprises.

  Integration with all ERPs such as Oracle, SAP, Tally etc.

  100% complaint with GST bill.

  Automated solution to upload, manage and reconcile your invoices.

  Appropriate user controls to safeguard data integrity.


Support Multi Data Source

Our product solution is compatible with all ERPs available in Market.

Intelligent Reconciliation Engine

Our future proof reconciliation engine is sure to ease out your taxation overload and ensure that you dont miss your deadlines.

Multi-Platform Support

On Mobile or Desktop or Cloud? File returns on the go or while sitting in office, we got you covered.

Smart Dashboards

Managing 10 GSTINs or 1000? Our Smart Dashboard is here to keep you updated with your latest tax returns statuses.

Alerts and notifications

To help you keep up with deadlines,counterparty actions and requests and the GST bill changes.

Easy Returns Filing

No more document signing hassles.We have our integrated e-Sign and Digital Sign utilities for seamless filing.



We provide not only product but also service.

User based Audit Trail

Want to know who changed the data and when, identify the changes from Square one.

SMS Notifications

Our media tools allows you to actively follow-up with Counterparty for quick and easy reconciliation.

ASP bundled with GSP

We are one of those few folks which have exclusive access to Goods and Services Tax Network(GSTN)server.

Quick Reports

Generate offline/online MIS reports by exporting data in format of your choice.

Makes Filings Easy

To help you understand intricacies of GST,the filing flow and data fields are attuned to GST regime requirements.

Why do you need GST SOFTWARE?

Infact why do you need us?

GST is confusing

Filing GST returns can be cumbersome and frustrating for both small and large businesses.

Multiple filing per month

Tax Payer has to file at least 37 returns per year per GSTIN.Filing GST returns is sure to eat into your valuable time.

Changing law and provision

GST roll out is still in early stages with ever changing laws and provision,it can be tough to keep yourself updated.


Keeping track of reconciliation in GST regime is sure to keep you and your Counter Party busy more than it should.


Upto Returns To Be filed


Reconciliation Window


Estimated Reconciliations


Types of Invoices


At once even we had lot of question,we are sure that you might have few now

1. What is GST?

A. GST stands for Goods and Services Tax. It is going to be the biggest tax reform in the Indian Indirect Taxation regime. It is a tax that is going to subsume all the Indirect Taxes, with just the Customs duty applicable over and above GST.

2. Why GST has been introduced?

With the proposed GST law,it is expected that it would streamline indirect Tax regime . It contains all indirect taxes levied on goods, including central and state-level taxes. Touted as improvement on current VAT system , a uniform GST is expected to create a seamless national market.It is likely to improve India’s Tax Payer Base and Plug Tax leakages and hence likely to improve tax collections

3. What is need of GST?

A. GST simplifies tax system and makes it easier to understand as well as cheaper to implement at various levels. Tax evasion at various stages will be eliminated as tax offsets can be collected only if taxes have been paid originally. You will also be able to buy raw materials or constituent materials for production only from those who have paid taxes, in order to claim benefits. The current supply and distribution chain may undergo a change with a change in taxation system that does away with excise and customs duties.

4. What are the various types of GST returns that need to be filed?

A. There are multiple returns that need to be filed for an organization to be GST compliant –
GSTR – 1-Outward Supplies made by taxpayers to be filed before 10TH OF NEXT MONTH
GSTR – 1 A-Details of outward supplies as added, corrected or deleted by the recipient 17TH OF NEXT MONTH
GSTR – 2-Inward supplies received by the taxpayer to be filed before 15TH OF NEXT MONTH
GSTR –2A-Details of the inward supplies made available to the recipient on the basis of form GSTR-1 furnished by the supplier.
GSTR – 3 Auto populated by GSTN on the basis of GSTR1 and GSTR2 20TH OF NEXT MONTH.

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